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الرئيسية عقائد أسلام Undercover With The Clerics: Iraq's Secret Sex Trade
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Undercover With The Clerics: Iraq's Secret Sex Trade

د. منال أبو العلاء
A BBC investigation, filmed undercover in Baghdad and Karbala at some of Iraq's holiest shrines, exposes a secret world of sexual exploitation of children and young women. Some Muslim clerics are grooming vulnerable girls and pimping them out, using a controversial religious practice, illegal under Iraq law, called 'pleasure marriage'. This allows a man to pay for a temporary wife, but is being used by some clerics to exploit women and children for money. BBC News Arabic's Nawal Al Maghafi hears testimony from vulnerable girls and young women, tricked into pleasure marriage, sometimes with the help of clerics. Secret filming shows how the practice can be exploited and exposes a cleric conducting a pleasure marriage with a girl he believes to be only 13.


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